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Did u see wot I saw?
I was standing in the doorway at home where the hall and the dining room meet watching Mr Peeps sitting by the window. He sat there looking out into the garden waiting for something to happen, unaware that I was there. Suddenly, something probably only interesting to a cat went past outside. Mr Peep turned so fast to see what it was, his head nearly came off his shoulders. I can only imagine he must have shouted to himself in surprise "Did u see wot I saw?" Who would he have been talking to? Have you ever thought of how a cat talks to itself? Why do we talk to ourselves? Are we mad or are we talking to God?

In the linocut, the image of Mr Peep has been reversed as a reflection of whom he was talking to. We talk to ourselves, but we also hear our own voice. Whether cats or people, all the time we can talk to ourselves we will never be alone.

Did u see wot I saw?
Title: Did u see wot I saw?
Location: At home

Image size: 15.5cm x 20.5cm

Medium: Linocut 2 Block

Edition size: 20


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