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Iíve got to, Iíve got to, Iíve just got to get home
I'm returning home via the A20 dual carriageway in the evening rush hour traffic. The articulated lorries are crawling at around 10mph in the left hand lane and I join the right hand lane to try and get home as fast as I can. An articulated lorry, way ahead in the queue, pulls out into the right-hand lane and there is nothing I can do. All the traffic slows to follow the lorry as the driver changes up through his gears. Gloom and despair fills the car. I look up at the surrounding lorries as they dwarf the car. Even the daylight has been blocked out by the silhouette of the lorries. I just want to get home.

Everything these days seem to be so big. We send our children to these vast schools. We shop in spreading shopping malls. Supermarkets and superstores reign supreme. Our world is changing and we seem very small compared to everything around us. I just want to get home.

Mr Peep loves going out into the garden just as we go out into the world. But if you watch him, every now and then he decides he has to come home for whatever reason. The plants in the garden tower above him, three times his size. With his head down and a look of determination on his face he battles through the garden like a jungle. It's slowing him down but he's got to, got to, just got to come home.

I've got to, I've got to, I've got to get home
Title: I've got to, I've got to, I've got to get home
Location: At home in the garden

Image size: 10cm x 15.5cm

Medium: Linocut 1 Block

Edition size: unnumbered (currently only 4)


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