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Even Coots Go For IT!
These linocuts feature a coot observed at Kearsney Abbey, Kent going from standing and thinking, then to a stride and then running for all he's worth.

Even Coots Go For IT! Is an edition of 4 original linocuts with 2 artist's proofs. The edition No 3 has been entered and accepted by the SWLA (The Society of Wildlife Artists). To be exhibited at their annual exhibition Sept/Oct 2007, The Mall Galleries, Federation of British Artists, The Mall, London.

It seems whenever you walk in this country near a stretch of water, a busy little coot will be going about its daily tasks. I wanted to depict the coot as it is often a forgotten friend and it would be a challenge to make something interesting from the worst possible shape. With linocut avian art, the most difficult images to produce are white, black or LBJís (little brown jobbies) with body shapes like space hoppers. The colourful, shapely birds are naturally attractive and have been created to be admired.

The coots, unlike the ducks, geese and swans, are as agile on land as they are on water. I believe "Even Coots Go For IT!" depicts the coot doing what it does best.

Max Angus
August 2007

Even Coots Go For It 1
Title: Even Coots Go For It
Location: Kearsney Abbey, Kent

Image size: 23x16cm x three images

Medium: Linocut 3 Blocks for each image

Edition size: 4

Even Coots Go For It 2

Even Coots Go For It 3


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