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Trees and Sky series - Under Control
In the series of Trees and Sky linocuts the colour behaviour was influenced by Mark Rothko's oil paintings "Red on Maroon" (1959) and "Black on Maroon" (1958). In Mark Rothko's paintings he creates a strange haunting light and not just areas of colour. The light appears to shimmer like the sky with undertones of dull clouds breaking through from underneath the brightness.

The pictures in the Trees and Sky series have been made by using three plates. The first plate to paper was multiple colours of the furthest background to give a base of undertones. The second plate ties the sky and background colours and allows some of the colours to shine through. The third plate contains the outline of the trees.

Under Control
In Under Control, the trees have not been pruned by nature but by man. They are kept at a manageable height and all the weak and any unnecessary growth is pruned away. The group of trees is part of the boundary for the Sandwich Nature Reserve in Kent. The trees are prevented from growing as tall as the trees in "Standing Together" but even though they are all pruned in the same way each one of them is unique.

Under Control
Title: Under Control
Location: Sandwich Nature Reserve, Kent

Image size: 22cm x 26cm

Medium: Linocut 3 Block

Edition size: 17


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